Operation Support Services

As a licensed brokerage firm in the Kuwait Stock Exchange with a proven track record in providing support services, MEFBC guarantees providing the outstanding and high-quality services for all the activities of its clients’ accounts with Kuwait Clearing Company.

The operations support team for the Company provides total support to the client facilitating and accelerating the trading services, including:

Settlements Services: This service allows clients the possibility to make the payment of amounts and settle securities very accurately. In addition, this service includes issuing cheques, depositing service, and securities transfer upon the request of the client.

Reporting Services: Our system relies upon an integrated protection system keeping confidentiality for following up purchases and sales, combating money laundering, guaranteeing auditing and the flow of operations. In addition, reports with MEFBC also provide its clients with clear information about the operations carried out with the Company through the client’s statement of account issued by the Kuwait Clearing Company.