Risk Management and Internal Control


Internal Control Systems

The Company has an effective internal control system based on a set of policies, regulations and authorities approved by the Board of Directors covering all operations of the Company and are committed by all Company's departments. Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Departments supervise the Company's business.


Internal Audit

The Company has an independent department for Internal Audit which is reporting directly to the BAC. The Internal Audit Department provides audit and advisory services to assist the Company in achieving its objectives and adding value to the Company. The IAD applies the international standards issued by the international Institute of Internal Auditors ("IIA") in all its operations.

Risk Management

The Company has an independent Risk Management Department ("RMD"), which is reporting directly to the BRC. RMD works to identify measure and monitor risks to which the Company is exposed.

Compliance Department

The Compliance Department ("CD") is reporting directly to the CEO of Legal and Regulatory Affairs and Investors Relations. The CD is responsible for ensuring the Company's compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements and following up the Company's disclosures to the regulatory authorities.