Chairman’s remarks regarding compliance of Corporate Governance framework We are committed to applying the best standards and practices of corporate governance as this is necessary to gain confidence from our shareholder, customers, employees and all stakeholders. We are committed within the framework of governance applicable to the company's integrity and transparency to protect our shareholders and our dealings with all stakeholders Board of Directors The Board of Directors is composed of a (5) members. The Board of Directors is responsible for the achievement of the objectives of shareholders and monitors and follows up on the performance of the executive management

Asser Fahmi Abu Haiba
Board Chairman

Saleh Al Homaidi
Vice Chairman

Al Homaidi holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Kuwait University. He has 21 years of experience. Al Homaidi joined MEFBC as the General Manager in 2011 and prior to joining MEFBC, he held a position as the Board Secretary within the Kuwait Clearing Company and then held a position as the Head of the Compliance Department within Kuwait and Middle East Financial Investment Company. 

Tamer Abbas Al Essawy

Hamad Abdullah Al Sanei

Al Sanei has 13 years of experience in the work field. Al Sanei joined KMEFIC in 2008 as an officer in the Treasury Department and prior to joining KMEFIC, he worked in the National Bank of Kuwait.

Mohammad Jaffar Ali
Independent Member